Tuesday, 17 February 2015

100gsm Paper for Printing and Photocopying Now Available

Do you have projects that you want to print out on thicker paper?
Do you want to print out images and avoid jams?
The library at Grangegorman now has one dedicated machine that will only print or photocopy on 100gsm paper (current paper is 80gsm).
We have asked Datapac to provide us with this thicker paper because of the constant jams that were occurring when students tried to print or photocopy images.

To use the machine simply send your print job as normal, but go to the machine nearest the library door (there is signage on it telling you that it has 100gsm paper).
 If you are photocopying just log in to that machine specifically and your job will come out on the thicker paper.

Please note that there are extra charges for using this machine regardless of whether you are printing/photocopying in Black and White or Colour. See below.

                     Single-sided                              Double-sided
A4 B&W             .10c                                              .12c
A4 Colour           .14c                                              .19c
A3 B&W             .14c                                              .18c
A3 Colour           .19c                                               .29c

Please be careful choosing the machine you use to print/photocopy because of these new prices.

Printing A4/A3 Colour Double-sided

The printers have the ability to print on both sides of a page whether in colour or black and white, and of A4 or A3 size.
If you want to print on both sides of an A4 or A3 page that has colour on it you need to select the printer A4/A3 colour from the list and then choose 'Print on Both Sides' from the options under the list of printers.

Your job will then print on both sides and you will be charged accordingly.
A4 colour print both sides = .15c per double-sided page
A3 colour print both sides = .24c per double-sided page

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Want to Pay your Library Fines by card?

Do you want to pay your library fines but don't have cash on you? Well now you can pay by credit or debit card.
The library at Grangegorman now has the facility to take Library fines by credit or debit card, whether at the issue desk or over the phone.
You can also use the 'contactless' facility if paying fines of €15 or less.

Please note that transactions must be a minimum of €5.

For further information please ask at the issue desk