Thursday, 12 November 2015

Group Study Rooms

Our 2 Group Study Rooms are getting plenty of use these days but just in case you didn't know about them we thought we'd give you a little reminder of what an excellent resource we have available to you.

The Library has 2 group study rooms available to book for groups of 3 or more who need to work on projects/assignments and much more.

The rooms can now be booked for 1 or 2 hour slots (which means you now have even more time to do group work).

Our smaller group study room accommodates 3-6 people and has a large plasma screen and a computer. There is also the option to connect your laptop (or one the 15 library laptops) to the plasma screen so that you can access your own work.

Our larger group study room can accommodate 1 group of 6-12 students or 2 groups of 3-6 students (separated by a screen). This room has a white board and also connections for your own laptop (or one of the library laptops).

The rooms are an excellent resource, especially with space at a premium on the campus.
They are there for the you, the students to use, so please do use them!

If you want to book one of the rooms you can call up to the desk, or fill in our online booking form.
Please read our terms and conditions before making a booking.