Tuesday, 21 March 2017

First, there were publications, now there is data!

Datasets are becoming an integral part of the scholarly publication process. This is being promoted by Funders who want to maximise the potential of their investment but also by the European Commission who want to see datasets visible and capable of being shared. The objective is to ensure that no one is re-inventing the wheel and that datasets can find new applications beyond the original vision of the initial researchers. 

Datasets, both internally within DIT and externally, are now as important an output as the publications and are equally capable of being cited.  High quality datasets require a data management plan and more information on that is available here. 

There is now a DATA REPOSITORY on Arrow where datasets can be uploaded in the normal way. It is accepted that not all datasets can be open access and sharable but even when not available, they should be at least findable. Therefore, information about the dataset can be uploaded as long as the dataset owner agrees that they can be contacted about the material. 

This is a pilot programme and your participation would be greatly appreciated.